Ryan Kearns

Owner | S.T.A.R.T. Soccer Chicago, LLC


LinkedIn: Work directly with administration team to ensure teachers within department meet evaluation and growth standards according to the profile of an Ignatian educator evaluation grid.\nConduct both informal and formal teacher evaluations and complete evaluation ratings and summative assessments annually.\nAttend and participate in evaluation committee and school leadership committee meetings.\nIntroduced Advanced Placement Psychology as a new course for 2016-2017.\nPlanning to add Advanced Placement World History or Honors World History for 2018-2019 school year.\nAnalyze student and class data to chart growth for both students and teachers.\nComplete annual review of course requirements and ensure registration process has been appropriately completed for each student - rising sophomore through rising senior.\nCoordinate department logistical efforts to ensure compliance with school policy and student\tlearning needs.\nDevelop, communicate and coordinate professional development o

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