Leslie Vickrey

CEO & Founder | ClearEdge Marketing LLC


LinkedIn:I am an enterprising Chicagoan with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, and am focused on making a difference in the tech and business community. Seeing a need for business-minded Celebrating 12 years in business, ClearEdge continues to grow year-over-year, is a five-time BMA Tower Award Winner and is racking up a roster of clients who are the who’s who of the tech industry.As the CEO and Founder of ClearEdge Marketing, I lead our company’s vision on how to best help clients harness the power and potential of marketing. Having worked with hundreds of companies – from startups to the Fortune 500 – I understand how marketing plays into an organization’s overall strategy. It is my goal to find the best way to make marketing a key player in obtaining a client’s business goals – be it growing, getting funding, being acquired or acquiring other companies.I lead a team of more than 40 marketing professionals, servicing clients across the U.S. and Europe. In addition to working with our t

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