David Lanz

Owner/ President | Orangetheory Fitness


President Orangetheory Fitness. January 2003 to January 2011\nA regional direct sales residential heating/air conditioning contracting company with 13 offices nationwide; Oversaw all operations and sales for the New York Tri-State area office. Integrated growth-oriented strategic planning for market penetration into the region with aggressive sales and growth goals. Conducted direct sales to customers. Hired novice sales people training/mentoring them to be full-time professional sales representatives. Managed installation crews and internal support staff. \n\nLed company to substantial growth in annual sales. Grew the company from $900,000 in annual sales to over $5 million in annual sales.\nTook company territory from worst net profit percentage to best net profit percentage company-wide over eight year course of employment. \nSix time Sales Representative of the Year by producing the highest dollar sales as well as highest closing percentage for entire nation wide company o

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