Brianne Barta

Senior Brand Manager | Orangetheory Fitness


LinkedIn:Growing up in the digital age, I've spent most of my life glued to a computer screen. On days when I convince myself to get up, sign off Facebook and read a real book instead, I turn to my bookshelf which is cluttered with the latest titles on social media, brand strategy, digital communications, and graphic design. As a marketer in today's world, I'm always looking for interesting ways to deliver a message that will fascinate my audience.\n\nI'm driven by the challenge to create content that is irresistibly compelling. Through the power of creative storytelling, my ultimate goal is to engage others and inspire action. As a voice behind Orangetheory Fitness, my mission is twofold: I want to spotlight our members' incredible successes as they achieve health and happiness, and encourage others to do the same.\n\nIt's no secret that some of our best ideas come to mind when we we're away from our desks. In my spare time, I love traveling (who doesn't?), concerts, pop culture, Flor

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