Nate Smith

Founder and CTO | Lever


LinkedIn:I'm Founder and CTO at Lever. In other words, I spend time improving our realtime technology platform, get my hands dirty in our engineering hiring, help our engineers define best practices, and work with my cofounders Sarah and Randal to establish the strategy for Lever. I'm always pushing on the status quo. I have experience in an unusual intersection of previous roles: UI and product design at Google, authoring and optimizing a full-stack web app framework, implementing a realtime data synchronization platform, and helping to define a startup from inception through multiple rounds of funding. I keep pragmatic, but I don't hold existing solutions sacred; I'm a constant reformer.\n\nAt Lever we walk the talk when it comes to talent. We put a ton of thought into how we hire and onboard people, as well as how we help them grow in their careers. Even the way we write our job descriptions gives you a clear sense of what you can expect to accomplish during your first 12 months her

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