Jason Spera

CEO | Aegis Software Corporation


LinkedIn:Jason Spera is the co-founder of Aegis Software. Prior to the founding of Aegis, Spera was a manufacturing engineer in the defense electronics industry. In that role, he needed a means to program production machines and document operator visual aids and instructions more quickly than possible manually. Spera wanted a better tool than those available at the time to convert CAD directly into these critical manufacturing outputs. Those were the origins of Aegis' original CAD/CAM products. The offerings of the company expanded over the years from the factory office where the tools were used by manufacturing engineers, across the entire scope of shop-floor execution and all of operations.\n\nToday the company provides factory-wide Manufacturing Operations Systems around the world and has more than 2050 installed sites worldwide. 41 capital equipment vendors endorse and resell Aegis software as complement to their assembly, inspection, test and process equipment. Jason Spera is the

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